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Meet Paul Sturrock

Taking a decision to employ a coach is an important step, and an investment in yourself.  I understand that you want to know a bit about me before you take that step. Of course, you will only get to know me, and I to know you, as we develop a relationship in coaching sessions, but you deserve to know where I come from and what motivates me before you take the step of exploring a working relationship with me.


As coach, my work takes me into businesses, schools, Non-Profit Organisations and the personal lives of people around the world. I completed my BCom and Higher Diploma in Education at the University of Cape Town. Subsequently I obtained a coaching qualification from The Coaching Centre in Cape Town and a Post-Grad certification in Teaching Mindfulness from Stellenbosch University.

Having worked in education, development, the NPO sector and business for over 30 years, I have developed skills that enable me as a coach to find clear perspective in challenging situations.

I relish working with individuals from all backgrounds. We jointly create spaces where it feels safe to be ‘real’, and we find creative solutions as we move forward together.

I work in a holistic fashion with the whole being, rather than seeking to ‘fix’ discrete segments of a client’s life. 

I have extensive experience of faith-based communities, and am comfortable in integrating personal, relationship, business, faith and other factors in seeking to find positive ways forward for my clients.

My Clients


“Paul has enabled me to hear my voice amidst the chaos and pressure and respond to the roar of my heart.”
“Coaching has enabled me to think creatively, develop clear business plans and implement them effectively.”
“The coaching experience I had with Paul was incredibly helpful, both in defining what I needed in my career and redefining myself in a new, improved context. The result of the coaching was a change in outlook and better expectations for the future.”
“I have been able to find a sense of clarity that has been very empowering.  The sessions with Paul have given me the courage and confidence to take steps towards a change in career.”
“I have been able to explore, develop and implement rhythms of self-reflection and self-care that have benefited my family and the organisation I lead”
“Paul’s empathy and ability to see things from my perspective are remarkable. So too are his listening skills and commitment to my journey. I appreciate the connection we share.”
Luvuyo Rani
– Co-founder, Silulo Ulutho Technologiesw
“The years I spent meeting with Paul were the most creatively productive years of my professional career.”
Vernon Wood
“I greatly recommend Paul as a coach. He has an ability to listen attentively and ask thought-provoking questions. His talent for holding a safe and affirming space creates wonderful opportunities for self-exploration, insights and growth.”
Magali von Blottnitz
“Over the 8 years that I have known Paul, he has been an excellent coach and mentor, both for my business and my life. He has in essence become my most valuable business partner, and I am able to work the way I do only because of his assistance”
Adrian Jessop
Discovery Limited
“Coaching has enabled me to think creatively, develop clear business plans and implement them effectively.”
Adrian Jessop
Discovery Limited
My Services

What Do I Offer

Leadership Coaching

My approach is to create a place of trust where people feel comfortable to explore their circumstances, challenges or goals.

Development Tools

Understanding your Enneagram Profile is a valuable guide on the journey towards self‐development and conflict resolution.

Guided Meditations

Listen to our pre-recorded online meditations that talks about body, breath and movement.

Mindfulness Workshops

The ability to be fully present and engage in a practical approach, enabling you to live more fully.

Mindfulness Workshops

Mind Blowing Research

Neuroscientific research has shown mindfulness practice can change the structure of the brain, especially the amygdala and prefrontal cortex (neuroplasticity). Through this change we are able to dramatically reduce our levels of stress, amplify our ability to focus and increase our overall well-being. For more information, read “Mindfulness and the brain: what does research and neuroscience say?”

Mindfulness may be regarded by some sectors of society as phony (a view often held by hard-knowledge business people or scientists), or threatening, possibly ‘wrong’ (a view often held by religious people). It is neither, and in fact can be a very powerful tool in managing stresses and leading a fuller and happier life.

Most major religions have a strong contemplative tradition, often overlooked in the modern world.  Mindfulness and the spiritual contemplative traditions have much in common.  I have integrated spiritual practice with mindfulness as a means of accessing a centred peace in much the same way as these contemplative traditions do.

While I teach mindfulness, I enable people to experience how this can deepen their spiritual journey.  My own spiritual foundation is Christianity, but the integration of mindfulness with spiritual practice is not limited to Christianity.

Mindfulness Workshops

This is an 8-week journey of developing the practice of mindfulness as a powerful way of managing stress and anxiety and allowing people to be more present in their social and professional lives.

I teach, together with Colleen Sturrock, an 8-week course, Living Mindfully. 

Guided Meditations

Listen to our pre-recorded guided meditations

Development Tools

Integrative Enneagram

Many people regard the Enneagram as a limiting exercise in ‘boxing’ people. They feel that once you have an Enneagram number assigned to you, you are type-cast in a mould that it is impossible to escape from. The truth is very different: the Enneagram aids people in understanding what their primary drivers are, how they are likely to respond to particular circumstances or people, and how they are likely to show up in the world when they are at their best as well as when they are at their lowest ebb.

Understanding your Enneagram Profile is a really valuable guide on the journey towards self‐development, relationship building, conflict resolution and the improvement of team dynamics. 

Each number represents a worldview and archetype that resonates with the way in which people think, feel and act and how they stand in relation to the world, others and themselves.

My training in the use of the Enneagram enables me to help my clients unlock their potential in ways they had not previously thought possible.  

It is not a requirement that all my clients engage with this tool, but I do highly recommend it.

The Enneagram not only aids you in understanding your own core motivations, gifts, fears and patterns, but helps you adapt to these so that they become constructive drivers of behaviour choices that you make.

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Ian Ryan

Paul Sturrock

Paul Sturrock

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